Keeping machinery downtime to a minimum is essential to ensure maximum production is always achievable.

There‚Äôre several factors that play a heavy part in achieving this. Having a good PPM schedule and trained operators and staff. Now in a perfect world that would suffice, unfortunately it’s not a perfect world!

Be it a lack of engineers or the production team having to run 24/7 to keep up with customer demands, machinery may not receive the maintenance it requires and could breakdown. This is where the reaction time of the engineers is vital.

Our product is simple – call points on the machine. When an engineer is required the operator simply presses the red call button and the engineer will receive a message via an App or email. The engineer then has 5 minutes to respond to the callout, failure to do so will result with the engineer receiving another message, and so on. When the engineer arrives to the callout they press the amber button to stop the alerts. This is also an indication that work on the machine has started. Once the issue is repaired the engineer can then press the green button. This is to identify that everything is now OK and the machine is back online. We can also offer an extra button for the Production team in case of any quality issues.

Another benefit of the system is our customised Management Dashboard. Our cloud based system means you can view live and recorded data direct from your Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet.

All the data can be displayed on an easy-to-read stacker graph which will highlight when the engineer was requested, how long it took to repair the machine and when the machine was back online. We can also include a critical report, this is when a machines downtime is longer the 4 hours the relevant hierarchy will be notified.

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