Rotorflush Filters Limited is an Award Winning UK Engineering Company.  Rotorflush produce a unique range of self-cleaning pump intake filters, suction strainers and on-line analyser filter systems.

Self cleaning automatic inline filters with automated purge.

The SOB001 is a tough Inline filter system designed to efficiently remove solids from industrial waste water under pressure.  Developed for filtering waste water in industrial laundries our inline filter system will handle hot water to 80°C contaminated with lint and fibres, filtering down to 30 microns. There are considerable cost and energy savings to be gained from recycling industrial waste water and recovering energy.

Submersible filterpumps with built-in self-cleaning suction intake screens.

Filterpumps – submersible pumps with integral self-cleaning pump intake filters.

Our filterpumps are submersible, continuously rated and have their own built -in self-cleaning filter. Pumping and filtering are combined. The self-cleaning intake filter keeps the filter mesh clear of any suspended solids and debris to protect the pump and other equipment.

The suction intake self-cleans whenever the pump is running.

Multi-purpose self cleaning intake filters and screens with automatic backwash.

Multi-purpose self cleaning intake filters and screens with automatic backwash.

All our filters have an internal cleaning rotor that is water powered by taking a ‘T’ off the output of your pump to supply the Rotorflush internal rotors. This supply continuously backwashes the mesh screen pushing away anything that might cause it to block.

These filters can operate in very dirty water without blocking, reducing the need for settlement tanks and keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Self-Cleaning Analyser Filter System

The RF100AN-Q Analyser Filter System is a revolutionary new product specifically designed to provide filtered samples for analysers and dosing pump systems with almost no maintenance.

It is excellent for filtering difficult samples contaminated with suspended solid for supply to chlorine, ammonia and other analysers.

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